Tourist Places In Malaysia- Come And Enjoy It

Malaysia is a great place for tourism. It has a wide range of tourist attractions like long coastlines, huge range of historic places,different types of cultures,many relaxing resorts and many more. The oldest rainforest and the higest mountain in southest asia also lies there. Many tourist visit malaysia every year.

The main tourist places in malaysia which tourist don’t miss are:-

Kuala Lumpur:- It is the capital of malaysia. It is the favourist tourist place in malaysia. It is the only global city in malaysia having malls , high rise buildings and you can see really good crowd here. People go to buy really good stuff for them. It mainly has attractions like tallest twin tallers with 88 floors and bridge connected between the tower which gives full view of the city.

Kelantan:- It is a state with paddy fields,fishing villages and beaches. It is located in northeast corner of the peninsula.It is popular for its culture and handicraft. Kelantan offers many good attractions for the vistors like river cruises,river rafting,bird watching and jungle trekking.

Malacca:- Malacca is a quiet seaside city located on the west coast of the peninsular malaysia. It bonds us and reminds of the cultural heritage of malaysia. We can see mainly chinese culture in this city. People go and get their mind free from the tensions of life and experience some peace in there lives.

Penang:- Penang lies on northwest coast of malaysia.It is a famous tourist place in malaysia. It is mainly popular for its natural beauty. The visitors mainly come to experience the warm seas,the golden beaches, natures beauty, a vibrant nightlife and as they can’t resist the delicious food.

Sabah:- Sabah is a tropical region situted at the northeast corner of borneo. In olden times it was known as “ land below wind”as it is located below a typhoon belt.It attracts visitors for its serene beauty,rugged landscape and different cultures.

Sarawak:- It is the largest state of malaysia located on the northernwestern shore of the island of borneo.It is mainly popular for its culture,nature and adventure. It has rainforests which are the richest for the ecosystem in world which attracts people to come and view it.

So malaysia is a great place for vistors to visit. You can also visit perlis,terengganu,cherating beach,island of langkawi,spiadan island,cameron island and many more interesting places. So come people and enjoy an excursion in the beautiful malaysia.